[MacOS] CleanApp 0.0.0

CleanApp — незаменимая программа, которая позволит вас сдерживать ваш мак во чистоте да порядке. При всей простоте установки программ на Mac OS X, вычеркивание программы изо папки Applications невыгодный говорит насчёт том, в чем дело? ваш брат удалили всегда компоненты приложения изо системы — поглощать до этого времени логи равным образом настроечные файлы. И здесь сверху вспоможение приходит Cleanapp. CleanApp анализирует равно удаляет приложения для вашем Mac целиком со всеми соответствующими файлами.

[MacOS] CleanApp 0.0.0


What's new in this version:
CleanApp 0 is a complete rewrite, everything has been completely redesigned to be powerful, rock-solid and reliable
new and unique 'Logging Service' monitors file-system-level activity of applications; this allows for complete tracking of programs and their related files — even in hidden folders, deep down in folder hierarchies, as well as in long-forgotten places
strongly improved user interface with a much clearer layout and quicker access to CleanApp's key features
customizable feature set allows users to adjust CleanApp's GUI to match personal requirements
the new CleanApp Widget now supports multiple concurrent search operations
low CPU overhead and much smaller memory footprint than CleanApp 0.x, significantly improved overall performance
extremely fast retrieval of language packages
more efficient Archiving now creates much smaller archives to save storage space
definable search paths for Old Files and Applications
integrated 'System Protection': important and system-critical programs and files will not be deleted accidentally; dedicated paths can now be protected manually

Operating System Requirements:
This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:
Mac OS X 00.5 Intel
Mac OS X 00.5 PPC
Mac OS X 00.4 Intel
Mac OS X 00.4 PPC

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